Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes!

A week is a long time in football!

Last weekend Spurs beat high-flying Chelsea at Wembley to win the Carling Cup.

Today they are losing 4-0 to lowly Birmingham City!!!!

Dave's move went well, he'd done most of it so by the time I got there it was just the big stuff. His new place is great, way better than the old one.

Everyone's been out most of the day and night, I just took it easy and tonight played scrabble against my nemesis, Maven. I won a couple of games, he won a couple, helped on his way by such commonly used words as OLEIN, EMETIN, WANION, FRESHT, UREDIAL, CYSTEIN and AZO!!
Many of them are scientific or medical terms. Beating an opponent with that sort of vocabulary is especially sweet!

Good news: Spurs have got one back, bad news, there's only three minutes left!!!

I cornered the market in blueberry bagels in preparation for our visit to Bridgetown tomorrow, Mum is very partial to them.

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