Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday Night

It was a long slow night in the taxi, my worst night for quite a while dollar wise. The first customer was a mother with three young kids whose first word to them in the cab was the F word and further abuse followed.
The second lot continued the stream of bad language .
The 3rd were some quiet girls who I dropped at a party and picked up again several hours later and were very pleasant.
The fourth customer was a woman with the worst B.O. I've smelt in a long long time who took a return trip to the pub to buy $100 worth of booze for the group of young men back at the house!

Not an auspicious start to the night but thankfully it got better after that.

I got a surprise when I arrived home, Fashion Boy was sitting at the kitchen bench reading a book! He'd woken up hungry, ate some food and couldn't sleep.

I'm hoping to get some reasonable sleep now because we're headed up to Perth tomorrow afternoon. The CFFL draft is on, then we'll be at Sal and Warren's for the night. Sunday is Alex's 40th birthday and Nathan and Clare's wedding.

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