Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Strange Economy

I went to Hardly Normals this arvo to get a couple of ink cartridges for the printer. They would have cost me $100!!!!

I then had a look at the range of printers on sale and discovered I could buy several different, newer, better, complete printers for around the same price!!!!!

I'd been thinking about getting a laser printer anyway so I had a look at the range and guess what I found?

A Hewlett-Packard laser colour printer, normal price $499, reduced to to $396 on sale, AND with a $200 cash-back offer from HP!!!!! Making the final price $196!!!!

A new laser printer for the same price as 4 ink cartridges for the old one!!!

I bought it.

I drove some kids to Dunsborough for another excursion today and while I was there called into the Tu Art Gallery to see what Tony thought of the paintings I dropped off there last week. She's decided to put all 4 on sale in the gallery, just in time for Easter. Woohoo!

Tonight was my first Scrabble Club for the year, I struggled in the first game but won the next two. At one stage my rack looked like this: IIIEEOT, I was plagued by an over supply of vowels most of the night, three A's, three I's, two U's etc etc.

I'm taking the practical test for my skippers license tomorrow arvo, that will be a challenge seeing as I've never taken a boat out before!!!

Two days until Easter and a 5 day break, woohoo! Hopefully I will get the shed erected over Easter, it being the season of resurrections!

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Great more landfill.....