Thursday, March 06, 2008

On the Road

I've been on the road throughout the SW today, firstly with an appointment in Margaret River this afternoon, and tonight I went to Bunbury for a meeting about a program called "Choose Respect".
It was created by a friend and colleague Gary Butcher as an initiative to build stronger communities, starting in schools. The presentation was excellent and there was a very big turn-out of interested people. The local MLA John Castrilli is keen to see Bunbury embrace the initiative and become the first Choose Respect city in Australia. It was both impressive and inspiring to hear Gary outline the concept and then to hear from two school principals who have introduced it to their schools, from where it has spread to their towns/communities.
I hope I may be able to get him to Busselton and get our schools and community leaders to catch the vision.

After the meeting I had a coffee with Dave and Nicole and Lisa who were all at the meeting, then I went to see "No Country For Old Men". It's a disturbing film, tracing the homicidal spree of a psychopath and a drug deal gone wrong. It's not the sort of film you "enjoy" but I could appreciate the skill with which it was made. Whether I'd agree it deserved the Best Picture Oscar I'm not sure.

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