Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Did I Wait So Long?


There is great rejoicing today in the Holt Press world!

After enduring the importunate intrusion of a pop-up virus (Beware "Win antispyware!!!!) on my computer for well over a year, and having tried on-line help and a variety of programs (Spy Bot, AVG, Panda, Zone Alarm) without success, I have grown accustomed to this masquerading marauder inhabiting the bottom right hand corner of my monitor as an impenetrable nemesis, destined to live their forever, or until I buy a new computer, whichever comes first, (probably the former).

But, today is a day of celebration and liberation!

What's happened?

After failing via the cheap-skate methods of on-line freebies, I finally bit the bullet and bought Trend Micro's Pro Internet Security software ($20 off at Hardly Normals) and spent an hour installing it last night before I started my taxi shift. I had to remove all other security programs and restart the computer 4 times to complete all the uninstallations before it finally installed. Then the scan for problems ran for a couple of hours with a steadily mounting toll of threats and problems identified.
I entrusted the final "Fix all problems" part of the process to Fashion Boy in my absence and according to reports this morning, there was a moment of great rejoicing when some time later, the offending pop-up bit the dust. And even better, it does not appear to have reared its ugly little head again since!


Why did I wait so long?

Sometimes you've just got to pay up and accept some short term pain for some long term gain!

Oh, and today is also our 22nd wedding anniversary!!

Happy anniversary Mrs Holt Press.


Peter said...

Happy Anniversary,and many more.
Maybe now you will be brave enough to turn off WV?

Anonymous said...

am just back on the net after a week or so without, so here is our belated Happy Anniversary wishes, and even more belated birthday wishes to Sophie, she will get here evem more belated present after we get home. love mum