Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cold Wet and Wintery in Busselton

Daylight saving finishing seems to have triggered a change in the weather, no sooner had summer time ended than the weather turned ugly! Its been a miserable day in Busso, although of course, rain is always welcome, sort of!

Things must be getting better personally, I managed to go to the Volleyball AGM tonight and not get into any arguments or stir up any controversy, and, most amazingly, managed to get something changed (an increase in umpire's payments) with strong support from the members!!
Considering the controversy and ill-feeling generated at last year's AGM this is a significant achievement!
I did end up with more work to do as a result of the meeting; on top of my umpiring co-ordinator job I'll take on some of the publicity and newspaper stories, as well as help further develop the website.
Just what the doctor ordered, more work!!
Its not that bad really!

I've just finished watching Wayne Carey's interview with Andrew Denton on Enough Rope and found it fascinating. He is a troubled man but appeared genuinely remorseful and took responsibility for his actions (those he could remember). The impact of heavy drinking and latterly, cocaine use, have been significant. Carey was a giant on the football field but like many others has struggled to find place and meaning in retirement. I don't condone his many indiscretions but I do hope he will find some sense of peace and well-being- physically, mentally and spiritually- as he confronts his demons.

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jayne said...

you know it's bizarre because our clocks went forward an hour on sat night and we went from having a horrible wet, windy saturday to a beautiful, sunny & dry sunday!bring on the summer!!not that ours is anything compared to yours...but sunlight is a welcome change and just makes everything seem nicer :-)