Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekend Highlights

  • Friday night thrills at the footy as Geelong beat Fremantle by a point and te Holt Press family breathe a huge collective sigh of relief as they nurse their lost voices.
  • Stayed at the Collins' in Lesmurdie and left a gift hanging on the wall.
  • Breakfast in South Perth.
  • Shopping at Harbourtown (Sport Boy got two new pairs of shoes, Mrs Holt Press got her winter wardrobe) and IKEA where I exchanged a damaged frame.
  • Visited Kevin and Kerry, old friends and BIG Cats fans.
  • Mrs HP visited another old friend Dawn.
  • Dinner at Han's Cafe in Leederville.
  • Breakfast Club, all members present and an excellent, reflective and emotional night.
  • Stayed the night at Hugh's in Inglewood and enjoyed his humour and hospitality.
  • Mrs HP and FD went to church with Toni.
  • SB and I went to the swap meet at the Galleria.
  • Picked up the girls and headed for home after a great weekend.

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