Wednesday, April 30, 2008

aka fashion Boy competition

I've just returned home from "beating up on the old ladies at scrabble club" as the family describe it. The good news is that there was an inadvertant breakthrough in the Holt Press technology department tonight. The new computers are both wireless enabled but both have been refusing to connect or load web pages, until tonight, when I removed a cable from the back of the router, and voila, both computers loaded up!! Why? I don't know! But I'm not complaining! I'm now free to blog from anywhere in the house. just as well because Favourite Daughter and Fashion Boy have taken over the study. On the subject of Fashion Boy, he has requested a change of name on my blog. He claims to hate "Fashion Boy", despite it's aptness, a point he also deies. I present exhibit A: At Harbourtown on the weekend he went looking for shoes. But not just any shoes. No. They had to be Converse shoes. And not even just Converse, they ad to be from the expensive end of the range! Not surprisingly he did not get Converse shoes. In his defense I will confirm that when I found a pair of FILA shoes not dissimilar to Converse, and that they were two pairs for $40, and that I was getting a pair fr Sport Boy, he agreed to accept them! Further, tonight he stated that he was going to wear them to the school ball next Saturday night! Now, while I think Fashion Boy is a very approriate name, I have no deliberate intention or desire to annoy one of my offspring, so I'm launching an on-line competition right here on my blog. Can you come up with a suitable new blog name for my 2nd son/3rd child?
Entries via comment.
NB. The blog owner is under no obligation to use any of the suggested names, though I will certainly give due consideration to any decent suggestions.

I wanted to blog more extensively about the weekend before it becomes a fading memory, but mindful of a discussion with Michael, of Barrandgirl fame, about keeping m posts briefer, I will just do it in point form. With that in mind, I'll give one of the new features of Blogger a go and sart a new post. So, unless you're particularly perceptive, or obedient, you've probably read that post first. Never mind. So long as you're reading I'm happy, the order is up to you.

Tomorrow I'm driving a group of kids to Perth for an art excursion which means an early start.

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Peter said...

For a suitable name for your 2nd son, 3rd child... why not try Jordan???