Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catching Up

I don't normally have such big gaps between posts (Thurs to Sat) but the computer has been playing up a bit, not allowing me to connect to the net etc. Funnily enough, these problems occurred after my big clean-up of the hard drive! I'm beginning to suspect that somewhere in amongst all that junk I deleted there might have been a couple of little nuggets that I should have kept!! Everything is still in the trash can so theoretically I could reinstall any important bits, but for one small problem: which ones the critical ones may have been remains a complete mystery to me, as is the fact that now, at 4.00am, after my taxi shift, it has decided to cooperate. Has it healed itself? Is it taking pity on a poor blogger with withdrawal symptons? Has the tooth fairy dropped in and done a little magic?
I have no idea, but seeing as it is currently working, I'm making hay.

Both Fri and Sat night's shifts were pretty slow although things picked up a bit later tonight. The local footy season started tonight with Busselton beating South Bunbury so there were a few fares from the footy club.

In more important football news, the Cats continued their winning ways, going to 4-0 with a 7 goal win over St Kilda. The Saints played well early and lead at quarter time but it was all Geelong after that.

Mrs Holt-Press and I went for a long walk on the beach this afternoon, it was a beautiful day in Busselton, warm, sunny, still, the sky was blue, the ocean was picturesque, it was truly lovely.

Once I get up in the morning I'm heading up to Perth. One of my best mates, Phil, has asked me to baptise him. He and his family are heading back to Afghanistan to work in a bit over a week's time and he's keen to get squared away with God before he goes, or something like that!
I'll stay up in Perth for the night and probably come home Monday. With the school holidays having started I don't have to be back in the office for 2 weeks, yeehaa!!

I'm going on a chaplains retreat at Katanning from Wed-Fri which I'm really looking forward to.
Mrs H-P will be at a training course in Northam for the weekend.
After that we may go to Esperance for a few days to visit our friend Chris. Now is a good time, she's a West Coast Tragic and seeing as they got thrashed today and are looking very ordinary I'll enjoy discussing the finer points of football with her!!!!

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