Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I did a day shift in the cab today, covering for the boss who's gone to Melbourne for the ANZAC Day footy at the G. It was fairly quiet, the Granny brigade on the doctors and groceries runs.
It was a beautiful day, right up until I finished and Bircht dropped in for a visit; then it started raining and got cold and grey. He was impressed with the shed, and gave me some tips on pouring the concrete; a job I'd hoped to get done this week but am not feeling confident about.

I also ran into Phil Smoker in town. I convinced him to join the fantasy footy league this season but he's feeling a bit out of his depth with it. Hopefully the mid-season draft will help him acclimatize.
Cam rang today to confirm that he had thrashed me by 70 points, and busted through the 300 point barrier courtesy of Buddy Franklin and the Fevolution, not to mention Jimmy Bartel's 10 tackles! Just as well the Cats are on top of the ladder so I don't have to pay to much attention to FF!
Collo is in town too, he and the family are coming round for a BBQ tomorrow night, I hope the weather is kinder.

Mrs Holt Press and Favourite Daughter drove to Bunbury for a Fusion meeting tonight, only to find it had been cancelled and they hadn't been told! Not impressed!

Sport Boy's friend Ben is staying over tonight so he's happy to have company.

I've spent the evening painting but I've got another taxi shift tomorrow so its time for bed.

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