Monday, April 07, 2008

Cats do just enough

Saturday night church sure makes Sunday mornings much more relaxed. I took the trailer load to the tip then Sport Boy and I went down to the Nade to watch the footy on Foxtel.
The Cats won but it was a long way short of the massacre everyone expected, in fact Melbourne kicked the first three goals of the game to totally deflate the crowd after the unveiling of the premiership flag.
Things improved after that but Geelong never really clicked into gear today, just did enough to win.
The good news though is that they are on top of the ladder. Hopefully they can stay there all season.

Tom Hawkins, aka Tomahawk, kicked 5 goals and took a couple of great marks. He's starting to show some of the signs that accompanied the hype when he was drafted.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to level the shed in preparation for the concrete floor. I had to raise the bricks up that it is sitting on, a strategy to keep it dry when it rains because it sits at the foot of a small slope in the garden. I managed to use my car jack to lift it up, then raised the level of sand before repositioning the bricks. I bought a level from Bunnings this arvo (a bargain at $4.95!) and managed to get it pretty close to level on all four sides!!
Another load of sand to lift the floor and stabilise the bricks and it should be just about ready. After I manufacture some sort of form work for the concrete that is!!
With the weather getting wetter and colder I'm really keen to get the job finished and get everything put away, and get our patio and carport back!!

Mum rang this evening, they've been away over east for a month and not having a very good time of it, with conflict with part of the family, Vicki's serious health problems, and Walter himself getting sick and needing to go to hospital in Mt Gambier.
I think they'll be glad to get home.

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