Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I would have been in bed by now but...

I fight a continual losing battle to get to bed earlier. Even though I get tired during the day, and sometimes snooze in my lounge chair for a while, invariably the later it gets the more awake and alive I become!
Then, even when I make an effort, sometimes unexpected things happen that waylay me.
For instance, as I went in to turn the music off in the boy's room (and found Fashion Boy still reading at 10 to 12!) Favourite Daughter called out, "Dad" from her room.
"Can you explain this for me?"
Suddenly, 45 minutes had passed as we discussed various questions concerning the Bible.
I'm not complaining, those are the sort of precious conversations I treasure, but they don't help me get to bed!

I had the Covenant Players at school today, they're an international Christian Drama Company. It went really well, despite the negative things the kids were told before the session by one of the teachers who has a real objection to anything Christian. They came in with a pronounced prejudice but were soon engaged and enjoying the presentation and asking lots of questions. Funny how people can have an open mind about everything except Christianity!

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