Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stepping Out

This afternoon I spoke at the Shire Council meeting regarding school chaplaincy, as part of a delegation from Youthcare. The local council has contributed funds to Youthcare for the last couple of years and today was a PR exercise in letting them know what they get for their money and endeavouring to convince them to keep supporting chaplaincy. There are a number of supporters on the council, including the president, Wes Hartley, who is also the local Uniting Church Minister.

There was good news and bad news at work. The bad news is that Country Week is looking less and less likely to happen this year due to the industrial dispute between the teacher's union and the govt. As Country Week is one of the major events on the school calendar it will be a considerable loss if it doesn't go ahead. It has significant impact on me because I am the Country Week manager.

The good news is that after a 3 week wait, I finally got a new phone today following my misadventure in the swimming pool at Alex's birthday. The insurance company authorised a replacement so I raced down to the phone shop to pick it up!

I got adventurous tonight! The computer has been slowing down a lot because of over crowding. The 80 GB hard drive is "full", as is the 100GB external hard drive!! The joys of music, photos and teenagers all co-existing. My adventurousness involved deleting stuff off the hard drive!
Some stuff I was very cofident to dump, other stuff less so. The computer, sensing my uncertainty would occasionally pop up a helpful suggestion like: "Hey Dummy, if you delete this your computer programs might not work any more!! Are you SURE you want to delete this?"
I chickened out at that point, but in the main it was happy to let me consign things to the trash can. I figure I'll leave them there for a few days just in case something critical stops working, say for instance my blog!!
I did manage to retrieve about 5GB so at least numerically I'm happy!

Open question to my readers, surfers and drop-ins from cyberspace:
Can you safely delete stuff in the TEMP folder?
There's about a Gig and a half's worth of stuff in there, hundreds of tiny little files, which I suspect can be safely disposed of, but, I'm just not quite sure....
Leave me a comment if you can shed some light on the subject.

Only 2 more days before the April school holiday break, bring it on!


Peter said...

Hi Marcus, re your query... dump away also temp internet files can get fairy big dependant on how often your computer is set to dump them.
Usually you will only get the message about other programs not working if you are deleting a program or something with shared dll files, again it is usually ok to dump these as well.
I use a very good program called "Cleanup" its a freebee you can google for... be aware though it WILL empty your recycle bin.

Anonymous said...

right click on c: drive, select tools, select disk clean up. gets rid of all the crap you dont need. Phil.