Friday, April 25, 2008

Technology Upgrade

Today should be a day of celebration in the world of Holt Press Technology. After months of thinking about it and scanning ads, brochures, offers etc, I finally bit the bullet and bought not one but two new computers today!! A desktop and a laptop. Both NEC, both heavily discounted, both way more powerful than the existing Holt Press PC which has served faithfully if not always impressively these last 4 years. Quad core processor, 4gb RAM and 500 GB HD ought to make the computing experience far more pleasureable for the various Holt Press computer users. Wireless internet, TV tuner, good quality graphics card, Vista and lots of other specs that sound impressive to boot.
So, why do I say "should" be a day of celebration?
Because, computers being what they are, ornery little characters, the set up process has not been smooth nor particularly successful.
Yes I eventually connected to the net via the router.
No I can't open any web pages!
Yes I tried to load Trend Micro protection.
No it wouldn't finish the installation because it claimed Windows Mail was running.
It wasn't but no amount of coaxing or searching through help options managed to solve the problem, so at this point I'm relying on the McAfee it came with to keep it safe.
Not that it's at much risk seeing as it refuses to allow me onto the web!
I'm sure there'll be solutions to these teething troubles.
There has to be.

I haven't tried any more with the laptop than turning it on yet but the duo core processor and 200GB HD should keep me happy!

The whole operation required a complete rearrangement of the Holt Press office and the addition of another desk, to accommodate the old computer, which I will keep. Even though it's old and slow and feisty, it still has some useful capacities, such as blogging! I've had to use it for this post. It will still work for the kid's games, and my scrabble! and should lead to a little less conflict between the HP kids when more than one of them wants to use a computer.

In case you're wondering, no I haven't won lotto, I just took advantage of a 45 month interest free deal from Hardly Normals, and the heavily discounted prices I mentioned, a combined $1500 off the original prices.

First thing tomorrow we're off to Perth to go to the footy, the ANZAC Day game between Geelong and Fremantle. Carn the Cats.


Benn said...

What a game hey? I bet you were sweating!

Would have been well embarrasing losing to the dockers!

Jacqui said...

It sure was a heart stopper, I couldn't watch when Pavolich had that last kick. Go Cats.
We are in Geelong at the Banfields, leaving here for home on the 7th.