Monday, April 14, 2008

Marcus the Baptist

The baptism went well. We met at the same place as Phil and Julie had their wedding vow recommittment a couple of months ago, on the bank of the Swan River at Matilda Bay.
Being my first baptism I was a little uncertain of the exact protocol but nobody drowned and Phil was pleased with it so all is good.

Sport Boy came up to Perth with me and I dropped him off with our old friends Trevor and Rosie who were water skiing with their kids near the Raffles. He's staying at their place for the night and I'll pick him up tomorrow.

Its been a beautiful, and enjoyable day.


barrandgirl said...

Marcus, We all know what this weekend is, don't we? Bring it on I say. Even with Big (very) Bad Barry Hall i think we can give you a good run. How many points start are you willing to give me?

Best regards


Marcus said...

Michael Michael Michael
Many have tried and many have failed.
The cats will have you for dinner!
I'll give you 20 points, with a $2 scratchie on the result.

BBBBH had a melt down of Chernobyl proportions!