Friday, April 04, 2008

Revolving Rooms

There's been a revolution in the Holt Press household. The equation of 4 offspring into 3 rooms requires that 2 of them share a room. Since favourite Daughter moved back home she has been sharing a room with Sport Boy; they are 9 years apart and get along very well, but I know that FD would prefer to have her own room. Fashion Boy on the other hand has a larger room but not much money. I invited FD and FB to consider a business proposition wherein FB sub-lets his room to FD and shares a room with SB. FD gets more privacy, FB gets more money, everyone's happy. While all this was being negotiated The Heir volunteered to take the smallest room, therefore TH will move into SB's old room, FD will move into TH's old room and FB will stay in his room but share with SB.
Beds and furniture were moved and the new arrangement has begun for a one month trial.
But, just a few hours into the trial period, SB is feeling unsettled because his sleep was disturbed and he came out saying "I don't want to switch rooms"! FB likes to play music all of the time and not all of his music is to the rest of the family's taste. I told him that part of the deal is no music once SB is in bed. Ever responsive FB still had his music on, compromising only in playing stuff that wasn't heavy. Hmmm!
We'll monitor the trial and see how things go!

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