Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Weekend Wrap

Last night we went to a quiz night where I faced the dilemma of having inadvertently said yes to two different teams. Carolyn and I had discussed one of us going with each team. Feeling bad about letting either team down I decided to stay with Carolyn and the original team, Sonia's table, and apologised to my mate Al for letting him down. I had rung earlier and left a message so they knew it was likely.
We made a slow start and were well off the pace after the first two rounds but then picked up our form and came back into contention, eventually tieing for 3rd and 4th pla
It went to a 5 question tie breaker.
Still tied.
A further 3 question tie breaker.

Still tied.
Finally it was settled with a toss of the coin, and we lost!

Al's team?

They came first!

I was on roster at the Gallery this afternoon, where I completed one painting and made major changes to another which has been hanging in the gallery for a few months. It looks better now but still needs a little more work before it is "fi
nished" for the second time. When I got home Carolyn and I drove down to Meelup for a swim. The sky had gone grey and light rain started which was enough to disuade me from swimming but Carolyn still went in. I sat on the sand and talked to Aussie and his two daughters who were the only other family who ventured down there this evening. Meelup is such a beautiful spot it was a pleasure just to sit there for a couple of hours looking at the horizon and the clouds and the still ocean with it's many changing colours. We picked up some fish and chips for tea on the way home.

Apart from a headache I'm feeling better again than I have been. I'
m still going to have time off work this week, see the Dr, and take some time out, hopefully all of which will be therapeutic.


Jacqui said...

It's good to hear that you are improving, the time off can only be good for you.
Meelup sounds and looks a lovely place, we will have to go there one mum

2Peter said...

Good to hear you're on the up. Methinks it must be difficult sometimes in your position to take time out for yourself when so much of what you do is ministering to other peoples lives. Have a good break, I'm sure you deserve it!

WV: lotaz!

Craig 'n' Jen said...

hey uncle marcus, i'm sorry that things have come to such a head for you, i wanted to take this opportunity to say that i learnt that no matter who we are are or where we are in life we all have our bad days and sometimes they are one offs, but then there are others like you are feeling at the moment, that group together and sometime last for weeks or longer. i resently had some issues of my own that lead to to make the decision to see a physiatrist. this is something that i have not shared with many people at all but i wanted you to know that although making that decision and then going through with it was more scary than anything else i have ever done, i am now so glad that i did and am. it is not something that suits everyone but maybe something you can try, you've been listerning and helping others for so long that taking some time out to just think about you will really help.
I hope you continue to feel better.