Wednesday, March 28, 2007


While we were at the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition Sport Boy did a pretty good impression of Steve Irwin.

I'm easing back into work, not trying to push myself too hard, although there was some strain today when I umpired a football game between some year 9's from Busselton and Forrestfield.
It was the first time I'd run around at all since I hurt my ankle last year. I must have looked like I was struggling because a couple of mates asked me if I was ok during the breaks! Apart from having to send three kids off for fighting it went well. Busselton won very easily.

The rest of the day was spent dealing with bills, insurance, transfers, fringe benefits and repayments!

I skipped my Youthcare meeting tonight so I could look after Sport Boy while Carolyn took Jordan to Margaret River for his rehearsals and Sophie was at work.
When she got home we talked about her plans to travel, where she might like to go, and how much money she's likely to need. I got out the atlas and we talked about Britain, Europe, Rome, Greece, Israel, Egypt, South America, the USA, Jamaica and Fiji. Plenty of options amongst that lot.

For the rest of the night I've been painting and watching Australia play the West Indies in the cricket, Matthew Hayden was on fire.
I bought some canvases this afternoon and as I put them in the car a lady commented that she was jealous of me having the time to paint. This led to a discussion of our respective interest in and passion for art and I was amazed to hear her say things that I've either thought or said, about dreaming of one day having a studio and having the time to just paint, of being inspired to create pieces of art when we see all manner of objects, the relaxation that comes when you zone out and paint etc. It was fascinating talking to someone who echoed my feelings and experience of the last 12 months.

Carolyn has made a few suggestions lately of ideas I could try or techniques I could experiment with. I said to her last night, "You should try it yourself." She agreed but then started thinking of reasons not to. I want to encourage her to just have a go and try it. That's what I did and now I'm hooked.

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Jacqui said...

Love the "you tubes", the way he is going I think Sport Boy will be the actor in the family.
It's good to know you are painting again.
love mum