Friday, March 02, 2007

Adelaide Here I Come

I'm about to pick up Jordan from school and head to perth. He's going to a concert tomorrow, I'm flying to Adelaide tonight to go to Stacey's wedding tomorrow. One of the best bits about weddings is getting together with family and friends. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister Vicki, pictured above. She lives at Wudinna, a small town on the Eyre Peninsula and the edge of the desert in South Australia. We don't see one another very often so it's always special when we get together.
Dad has driven down from Queensland already, and likewise, visits are a long way apart so it will be great to see him, and the rest of the clan.
The day after the wedding Dad and I are heading west, driving home across the Nullabor.
The following weekend even more of the family will regather in Perth for Jenna's wedding.

Bring it on, it's party season.
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