Thursday, March 01, 2007


Wild weather has hit town today, making my bike ride with the year 10's a dodgy proposition this afternoon, and causing the cancellation of Beach Volleyball tonight. When I got there not only was nobody there, half the beach was missing too.
I came home and painted!

Only two more sleeps until I fly to Adelaide for the weekend to go to my niece Stacey's wedding.
Dad is coming down from Queensland and then we're driving back to WA across the Nullabor together, for driving companionship, and "some bonding" as Dad put it on the phone, pretty enlightened for a 70 year old Aussie male!


Peter said...

Hi from your glowing (enlightened) doddering Dad, make sure you get some of those sleeps in before you leave home, don't want you crashing my car coz you're tired.

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ I am so glad that you are going to go with your Dad, my little doddering brother, to W.A.
You two will probbaly talk all the
way and no liklihood of sleep.
Have a great time at both Stacey's and Jenna's weddings. Love, Merle.

2Peter said...

Choices for music played in the car could be interesting :-)

Marcus said...

Indeed 2 Pete, pray for me!!