Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wedding Pictures

The present and the future? Me and my Dad. Is this a vision of what I'll look like when I'm 70? If Dad and Dad's Dad are anything to go by the answer is yes as Dad looks more and more like Big Pa every time I see him. I don't know whether he'll like that or not but there's no arguing with the facts. Similarly my Mum is looking more like her Mum, my Nan, too.
He is currently sitting beside me as I post this, playing with his lap top as we compare blogging and computer notes.
My sister Vicki, mother of the bride, and Dad who always refers to her as his favourite daughter. No such preferential status is conferred on me! May have something to do with him having 3 sons and only the one daughter! I hope so!
L-R Dad (Grandpa) Stacey, Jake, Mum (Nan)
The Foster family at the wedding in Adelaide on Saturday.
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Peter said...

I have no objections to being compared to Big Pa in any way at all.