Friday, March 02, 2007

Reading the Cards

Apologies that these pics are sideways, it's too late to work out how to fix it now.

These cards are from the AFL Ambassadors function at Subiaco Oval on Sunday night that I went to with Sport Boy. At the end of the function I found them on the seats in the front row and thought they were interesting.

The first is for Peter Bell, senior player and former captain of the Fremantle Dockers, who spoke to the group about his life in football. The card is in good condition as you can see. Admittedly Belly arrived late and was not seated for long before he got up to speak.

The second looks quite different as you can see. It was for Chris Judd, captain of the West Coast Eagles. I don't know if he was bored, or anxious or nervous but he certainly gave his card a good hammering in the half hour he was sitting there before he too spoke to the group.
Perhaps he was concerned about the latest indiscretion of one of his team mates who had been arrested the night before for serious assault?

The final card is fro Dr Neale Fong, head of the WA Football Commission. If anyone should have been nervous it's Neale. In his other life he's head of the WA Health Department and is Australia's highest paid public servant, earning twice as much as the Prime Minister. Why should he be nervous? Because the health dept is continually under fire and he has been taken to task by the media many times for perceived shortcomings in fixing the problems in the health dept. His wife also got into trouble last year for a driving offence which attracted some negative publicity. Despite this, he was cool calm and collected. I know Neale from yet another previous life, as head of Youth Ministries in the Church of Christ, and apart from being a West Coast fan is quite a nice bloke.

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