Saturday, March 31, 2007

Anniversary Take Two.

We didn't get to go out on the night of our anniversary so tonight's the night. Carolyn is currently getting dressed, trying to decide between clothes for cooler weather. It's not cold but we have long since established that we have different thermostats, in fact I sometimes think Carolyn is poikiothermic.
We're not sure where we're going yet, a gastronomic mystery tour awaits.
Sophie is working so Jordan is supervising Sport Boy, who is watching the football and feeling glad that he wasn't able to change his tip in the Swans/Eagles game (due to technical problems on the website) because West Coast are "spanking" Sydney he tells me.
The Dockers made the most of pre-season premiership favourtism by crashing at home to Port Adelaide this arvo!

I slept in after the taxi shift then went and poked around a couple of garage sales. I found an Airzooka for $5, a true bargain, seriously, if you haven't played with an airzooka you haven't lived! One of the world's truly brilliant inventions. Daniel and Jana's wedding was made especially memorable by the addition of three airzookas at the reception!

I also bought a racing bike for $15. In the modern era mountain bikes have become the standard currency for cycling but the big chunky tyres and heavy frames mean they are built for comfort not speed. The thin tyres and light weight of the racer mean I'll be able to get places quicker when I ride. It has new tyres and pedals too so the $15 price would hardly cover one of those items!

The rest of the afternoon was spent wrestling with the patio roof!!
I'm replacing the fibro lattice which does absolutely nothing to stop the rain, making sections of the pergola useless in the wet season. I've bought the zincalume corrugated iron sheets to replace it but before I can put it up I have to attach battens of varying thickness to the cross beams in order to create a slope so the water will run off when it rains. Hmm!@ Sounds straightforward doesn't it?
Trust me, it's not.
Or I should say, it's not for someone with the low level of technical skills and practicality with my hands that I possess!
There have been attempts, re-attempts, and re-thinks so far! I made a breakthrough late in the afternoon and actually made some progress. With just a little bit of good favour I may get as far as attaching some tin tomorrow.
Or not!

Good news, Carolyn is dressed and ready, I've been summoned, the celebration of 21 years awaits!


Jacqui said...

Happy anniversary and I hope you had a lovely meal and enjoyed your evening.

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ Congratulations on your 21st wedding anniversary to you and
to Carolyn. Hope you had a great celebration. Lots of Love, Merle.