Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It's late.

Sport Boy has only just settled down and gone back to sleep after a couple of hours of pain and discomfort with a tummy ache. Sophie comforted him for quite a while and he eventually succumbed to the sandman.

Sophie drove me to Dunsborough today for my Dr's appointment. The Doc spent extra time with me, had good insights, made some good suggestions and referred me to a good counselor.
He's of the opinion that I don't need medication. I'd thought the same. Got stuff to work on, alone and together.

After the Dr. we went for a drive to visit a couple of galleries and saw some great art work before headinh home. Sophie's driving is getting better all the time. I'm not sure she's ready to pass her test yet but she's getting closer. It's her 18th birthday on Saturday. Wow!

Carolyn and I went to a movie, Tuesday night being cheap night. We both enjoyed the film, "Music and Lyrics" (Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore). It was pop and nonsense but well written and acted and a feel good film.

I spent the rest of the night adding countless layers and colours to a painting I've been working on, trying to get it "right". Not as easy as it sounds, or than I anticipated. It's close, but probably not quite there yet.

Stu is taking me out for breakfast in the morning so I'd better get some sleep before then!


Jacqui said...

Glad to hear Dr was helpful and didn't just write out a prescription. love mum

Anonymous said...

Anything you need, even from all the way over here, we'll do for you.

You're still my hero, cracks and all.

-Joshua B. in NYC