Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Sophie

My beautiful daughter Sophie turned 18 today and to celebrate we went out for lunch to Occy's Brewery at Newtown House. Over a selection of lovely food we reminisced about her earliest memories, childhood experiences, places we've lived and things we've done in her 18 years on the planet. For dessert we headed to Simmos for ice cream in the beautiful surrounds of their lawns and gardens. After the treats I hired a giant game of Jenga which we played on the grass, amidst much laughter and interest from onlookers.
We stopped at a gallery on the way back from Dunsborough before heading home so Sophie could get ready to go to work. It was a really pleasant way to spend a special day and I think Sophie had a great birthday.
We discussed various presents and she decided she liked our offer of getting her her passport best as she has hopes and plans to travel some time in the next 2-3 years.
I gave her one of my paintings for her birthday, one that she and Carolyn both love.
The Heir posted a really touching birthday message for his sister on his blog, follow this link if you'd like to read it.

The bizarre moment of the day came at lunch time when Jordan decided to eat the two prawn's eyes he'd extracted from the discarded shell. Must be something in the dna because his older brother, The Heir, went through a similarly disturbing phase a few years ago, eating all manner of odd things. Some sort of primitive throwback to proving one's manhood perhaps? I don't know.

Jordy had a more rewarding highlight later this evening when his team won their basketball grand final. As the shortest and least experienced player on a very talented, and tall team, he didn't get a lot of court time, but he did give a good account of himself when he got the chance. We all agreed that in the clutch last minute of the game he'd been the one who held the team together enabling them to hold on to win by 17 points!

Daylight saving ends tonight after the first year of a three year trial in WA. Despite the time frame I fear daylight saving is doomed in WA. There has been a huge reactionary outcry of disapproval, fed by the media. I'll just have to make the most of the next two years before the nay-sayers have their way.

I'm going up to Perth tomorrow for a Rypen reunion and wake. The team that I have directed in the running of Roatary's annual Rypen camp for the last 12 years has been relieved of it's duty, for no clear reason. We are getting together one last time to reminisce.
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Zaac said...

no more rypen?!?! for why?!?!

Peter said...

Hi Marcus, have just caught up with your blog, white on blue was bad, blue on blue, well if you really want to get rid of your mature readers it will work!!!!
Glad to hear you are getting it together and have a co-operative doctor (not Harvey).
Happy birthday Sophie.

sophie:) said...

best birthday i can remember i should turn 18 more often!:)
thanks dad, i love you