Saturday, March 03, 2007

Arrived Safe and Sound

Other than my flight being delayed about half an hour everything else went smoothly today and I am now at my sister's unit in Adelaide the night before the wedding.
Dad and Rex picked me up from the airport, Vicki and Mum, Matthew and Rhianna (and their sleeping boys) were all here when I arrived.
Amidst plenty of laughter and stories I pulled out my paints and set to work on a wedding present for Stacey and Jake. There was plenty of "creative input" from the family audience who I think are skeptical about the final product having only seen the preparation stages tonight!
Hopefully it will be pleasing to the happy couple and satisfactory to the various family art critics by the time it's finished.

It's only 12.30 by my body clock but 2.00 Adelaide time so it's time for bed.


Zaac said...

i know what burn out is, still a buzz word. im fine, will catch up on sleep on sunday.

Marcus said...

One of the signs of burnout is denial! Mmmmmmm! Sleep!!

Love Dad