Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good News and Bad News

The Good news is that the Footy season has started, the AFL is back, yeah. A new season, a new hope, the heady mix of excitement and expectation. Ahh, the footy, the greatest game in the world.

The Bad news is that the Footy season has started! The AFL is back, bringing all it's familiar pains and heartaches! To be a lifelong Geelong fan is to be cursed. The heady mix of expectation being scaled back as the weeks pass, of excitement being tempered with disappointment, of hope being crushed by reality! It's 43 years since the cats tasted success in the BIG one. They have teased and taunted, they have flopped and imploded, they have raised hopes and failed to deliver, they have crushed the dreams of Cat fans for over 40 years!

But! The footy is back and that's cause for celebration in itself.
If Geelong did what they should and won enough games to make the finals I'd be satisfied.

If they did what they can, and won some finals and made a Grand Final I'd be very happy.
If they did what they ought to and delivered on all the promise and potential and won a premiership, I'd be in a state beyond description!
I could just about die happy!

What will happen? No-one knows.
Let the pain begin!

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