Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Carolyn

L-R Walter, Keith & Jeanette, Mum, Carolyn, Vicki, Rex, Sport Boy, Sophie and Dad (Click on the pic to enlarge if you want)

Today was Carolyn's birthday. I can't divulge her age, on pain of death, or worse, but she is a child of the 60's and has decided that she likes 45 and is therefore going to be 45 every birthday from now on.
In honour of her milestone I invited family members from 3 states to come and celebrate the occasion. We chose Margaret River so that Jordan could attend before going to his drama rehearsals. It was a good meal, followed by coffee and birthday cake back at home.
I gave her a slumped glass bowl featuring seashell designs which she has admired in the past. Dad gave her an electric planer!

I spent some time today getting things ready for the "Modified" Art Exhibition at Art Geo that opens tomorrow night. I did a new piece called "Caged" to go along with my Recycled Microwave and Weatherdashboard pieces. I helped Helena the Gallery Manager to set up a few of the exhibits, including some fantastic pieces by Paul Hole, my favourite being the biggest Swiss Army Knife you've ever seen.
Then as I was leaving I got a call from my new mate Ron to say he'd finished the car and it was ready to exhibit. I was stoked because I really thought he wasn't going to get it done in time. I offered to pick it up and take it to the gallery for him and recruited Dad to give me a hand. It looks great now that he's put the aero foil on top.
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2Peter said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn! I'm with you, 45 is a good age to stop counting!

All the best with the exhibition Marcus, sounds really interesting.

Zaac said...

happy birthday mum!! i called and left a message, i guess you guys were out to dinner, hope you had a great nite!!
love zac