Friday, February 23, 2007


I was just looking for a random picture to go with tonight's post, and found this one of a mate, Wayne, a real character and a great bloke.

Carolyn spent the day sick in bed, that's the second day in a row, and day three of a headache she can't seem to shake.Sophie cooked tea tonight and everyone was very complimentary.

I worked on paintings! I finished and framed the one I wasn't sure about last night. I'm still not totally sure but it's better than it was yesterday! I also bought some cards of local beach scenes painted by Jenny Taylor and put them in a frame which is now hanging in the dining room. We are seriously running out of wall space to hang things!I dropped my two bits of blokey art off at the gallery today for the "Modified" exhibition coming up next month and if I have time I'll make one or two more because they've only had two entrants so far! The main exhibition is by an artist called Paul Caporn, I looked at a catalogue of his work today and it's fantastic, full of humour and ingenuity, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the "flesh".

Jordan rang up a theatre director last night who is putting on a play about 5 young women and the 5 young men they go out with. He had placed an ad in the paper looking for young people to try out for the cast and he's very keen to meet Jordan and get him involved. I'm very pleased that Jordy is going to get involved in a drama production, the only small drawback is it is happening in Margaret River, with rehearsals twice a week for 10 weeks!
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Jacqui said...

Great to here about Jordan's proposed drama, wish him well for me.
Left details of my movements on yesterday's blog.