Friday, February 09, 2007

I was going to bed but then...

I was just going to blog for a minute before bed but discovered The Heir on Skype asking questions and needing me to fax him things.
I've found what he needs and will send them tomorrow.
A mate posted a message about Skype that will definitely interest any of you who are Skype users. Here it is:

[9:41:47 AM] Phil Sparrow says: Dear all. Just to let you know: Skype can detect that you have unused bandwidth on your computer, and, being a P2P program, start using your computer as a 'Super-node'. This just happened to us. Hundred's of MB of data started being routed through our account, rapidly exceeding our quotas. The solution is to go to Skype/ Tools/ Option/ Connection, and uncheck the 'use port 80 and 443'. Skype is still a great program, but super-noding is a great hassle. Google 'Skype bandwidth use' if you want more info.

Sneaky little rats!!

Went to Bunbury with Sophie this afternoon, she drove, so I could check out FoodBank, a food distribution service which we're going to utilise for The Big Brekky this year. We hung around Bunbury, shopping etc until 9 when we went to the movies to see Blood Diamond. It was very violent and pretty heavy but also an excellent film on a serious subject.

Started the day at the physio whose diagnosis of the continued swelling and pain in my ankle (injured in September) is due to a hairline fracture, and that I need to get my foot put back in a cast for two weeks!! That's a nuisance but hopefully if he's right it will mean it will properly heal and I'll regain mobility without pain, and be able to resume playing sport.
So I'm off to see the Dr in the morning and I'll be back on crutches for two weeks!!


Peter said...

Ah Hah, it's not just me thats falling to pieces then, don't delay you won't be much of a relief driver if you're still on crutches.

Marcus said...

Just back from hospital where Doc was dubious of fracture diagnosis. Convinced him to do x-ray anyway which revealed three small cracks and chips around the ankle but unlikely to be the cause of continued swelling and pain. Ligament damage and scarring the most likely cause of my problems. He's referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon. So, no crutches but maybe an op at some point!
Bottom line, capacity to complete driving responsibilities unimpaired.

PS. WV lvaycput rejected (Kaput!)

2nd WV wholyl