Saturday, February 03, 2007


I've just gotten home from my Friday night shift in the taxi, the earliest finish I've had in a long time; it was very quiet and I was rostered No. 1 to "Park it up". I'm not complaining, I've been pushing it a bit lately and was pretty tired today. It was a reasonable shift monetarily because of a couple of generous tips too.
The only down side was the constant barrage of swearing, abuse, obnoxious behaviour and totally disrespectful attitudes shown by the various young men toward women, either those they saw as we drove past, or those they referred to in their "conversations". I'm not against sex, it's great, but the total sexualisation of women by these men is dehumanising, crude and ugly. The way they speak and act suggests they think they need but snap their fingers and women will flock to them in order to be used and abused. One group actually discussed a bet or prize for whoever got the first root. If the mysoginism abated for a brief time it was replaced by an endless stream of swear words, and not the "socially acceptable" ones that tend to start with "B", but the full blown ones starting with "F" and "C". There is no regard and no restraint and virtually no respect. I may as well not be there for all the notice they take of me. Again, I'm not a wowser, sure I try not to swear but I do let slip occasionally, but this is not swearing in context, this is swearing as a means of communication. Honestly, if I had a swear jar in the cab I could have financed the greater part of my long service leave trip on the proceeds of tonight's expletives and profanity. People seem to swear so readily now that it has lost meaning to them, they don't even notice, let alone consider that anyone else may find it offensive.
I don't know what prompted it tonight but it was rife and by the end of the shift I was ready to go home, and blog!
I'm not working Saturday nights this month so I should get sufficient sleep, and may even manage to make it to church on Sunday morning.
Tomorrow I paint!!!

PS My Dad sent me the taxi pic. He's good to me. The worrying thing is how closely this picture resembles my driving!!


Zaac said...

also scary as the pic has you driving on the wrong side of the car!!
do you not sleep?!? you have blogged 4 times as much as me in the last two weeks (and that may be being generous to me) and seem to have done loads of stuff as well!! i am so tired its untrue, knackered... still have drop in tonite as well =]
the office looks as fun as ever, would love that kind of space to set up as mine and fill with my own versions of your junk and then retreat to to work (and play if i have anywhere near as many toys as you do)
do the kids at busso think your Jesus?? (some at Carine did) They mite tone down the gossip if they know you're about!!
Scoph says this long service leave of yours may bring you my direction with her in tow, i like the sound of this, lets talk plans!!

p.s. a swift sorting of the centrelink question woul;d be helpful as a dont fancy going into international debt coz the muppets dont know how to cease payments when they're meant to but have an annoyuing habit of ceasing them when they're needed!!

Marcus said...

I think I can safely say that none of the kids at Busso think I'm Jesus!

I sleep a bit but not as much as I should.

LSL is still just in the dream stage, ie. I'm definitely taking it in third term, just don't know where and with whom and doing what. Pretty much all a question of finances. That's one reason I'm driving the cab. Would also be great if I sold some paintings.
As for Sophie, without a job and seemingly not much energy for finding one she ain't going nowhere!!!

I take it you got my email re Centrelink. I'll call the guy again and check the status of your payments next week.

Zaac said...

yeh, im half worried that the thing with soph wont happen if she doesnt get a job, thats why i was happy you're thinking about coming, might give her a bit more motivation and help her get organised, would be seriously awesome if you guys came. my plans are to stay here for the summer and do some camps and stuff with friends and ill have finished diploma by then so probly work for a month to get some extra cash before heading to america to see josh on my way home, need to work out how much thise flights will cost but theres plenty of time to get the money together. am planning to be back for christmas at the latest, hopefully i will be there for the CSRC, let me know the dates so i can keep that in the back of my mind. then i guess ill do beach mission and start thinking about next year, thats way too far away to think about now and as always im sure this will change a few times before we reach the end plan but thats what im thinking at the mo.
cheers for the centrelink email, i take it you got my reply??