Friday, February 16, 2007

In Brief

I have very little to say tonight, and I've just said it.
Stayed up too late painting last night, got to go to bed now and try and catch up, especially with a taxi shift tomorrow night which will be a late one.
I did another painting tonight but no photos available yet. I'm in a very productive phase which is good, and Carolyn and others like them which is better, because Wilma and I are planning a joint exhibition in May so I need plenty of work to choose from for that.
Imagine that, me, Marcus, having an art exhibition!
Who said the age of miracles is past?!


Peter said...

I like the new look, I've been doing a bit of reno work too, put my archives into a drop down list, saves a bit of space, also went through all my posts and labeled them, much easier to find a particular post... unless it's labeled Humour.. there are too many of them I need to break it into sub categories, easy to do but very time consuming.

Zaac said...

thanks for the fax smart arse

Jacqui said...

I like the new style paintings too, where are you having the exhibition.

Marcus said...

Dear Son
This blog refrains from using coarse language, please accept this as a formal warning. Failure to observe due respect for the author (and Parent) will result in a one week ban.

Re. the fax:
1. You seemed to want more supporting evidence than originally supplied, so I obliged.
2. You said, when referring to your file, and my comment, that there was "No Dirt". I faxed a few examples of documents that would seem to dispute that assertation!
Beware, there's plenty more where that came from!

Dear Dad
Yeah I like it better too. And like you, there are plenty of things I would do with my blog(s) if time permitted. The labelling system is good and I like the new dashboard too, especially with so many blogs now!
Got your email re photos, it's in the same category as "doing more to my blog" but I will get to it.
Re. Humour labelling, you could develop sub-labels eg.
PS-Produced Smile
AG-Appreciative Grin
MG-Minor Giggle
LOL-The Standard response
DBL-Deep Belly Laugh
ROFL-Rolling on Floor Laughing
RUFOH-Repeated Uncontrollable Fits of Hilarity
WMP-Wet My Pants

Dear Mum
Nice to know you're still out there in cyberspace, haven't seen or heard a peep from you in a long time. Thanks for the affirmation of my paintings, I'm really enjoying it and being quite productive too.
Exhibition details not worked out yet but somewhere in Busselton, in May. Don't worry, you'll get an invitation to the opening night!
It will only run 3-4 days, Thurs night through to Sunday probably.