Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Carolyn and I went for a walk along the rocks at Meelup on Sunday evening and I took lots of pictures trying to capture the textures, colours and patterns of the great wave washed boulders. Some worked, some didn't. I love the cracks in this rock and marvel at the forces that can split something so large and solid.

Today was the yr 8 swimming carnival; my only job was to set up the PA in the morning and pack it up in the afternoon.
After work I completed one of my artworks and pottered around with a few more then Sport Boy and I went down to the school oval at Mckillop to hit catches. I was belting a ball as high and as far as I could with a tennis racquet, Sport Boy was trying to catch them; it wasn't easy but to his credit he managed to catch 4-5. He just loves getting out and doing something with a ball or a bat or a racquet etc.

Later on I went to the movies to see The Good Shepherd, the story of the beginnings of the CIA. It was an intense and complex film, not easy to follow but still quite good and with a very strong cast. 7 out of 10!
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