Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Kids Have Returned

While I've been back at work for a couple of days, the real start of school was today, with 1000 odd students arriving at Busso High School to begin the new school year. That's not fair really, they're not all odd, just the year 9's mainly. I'm really hoping that the particular group of girls who buzz back and past my office every recess and lunchtime acting out their own version of Home and Away will grow up soon and leave the gossipy/bitchy soap opera behaviour behind! Mind you, by recess today the signs were not good!
More prayer required!
I continued the cleaning up/sorting out/decorating process today in my office, hanging a few paintings and photos, sorting out toys and puzzles, disposing of rubbish and creating a useable space. The new air con is sensational, worth every cent.

Tonight was beach volleyball with Carolyn making her comeback after returning from Melbourne. She did well but we still lost to the boys from The Goose who are all ex-school kids who played volleyball at Country Week and won the A Grade! Sport Boy seemed to be stuck in 2nd gear tonight in his ball boy duties and didn't even hang around for the third game to maximise his earnings, the first day back at school must have tired him out!

I went to see Deja Vu tonight.

I went to see Deja Vu tonight.

Sorry, I couldn't resist that; you could probably see it coming!

It was OK except for a dodgy ending which didn't remain true to the plot line in my opinion, Jordan disagreed when I told him what I thought later, trying to convince me with the sort of argument that might cut it with a 15 year old boy but was not good enough for me.

I also hung a stained glass window in the patio that we bought at a garage sale on the weekend, it looks good and will catch the afternoon sun nicely. I also repaired and hung a mobile wind chime I made out of old silver forks a while back. I'm not much use in the garden but I can add a few artistic touches to the decor!

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