Sunday, February 18, 2007

Team Building Games

On Friday I ran some team building games with the new stucent councillors. My first job was to pick up the lunches from Bay Organics and bring them down with me to Yallingup but when I got there and asked for the order for the high school the manager gave me a blank look that sent a nasty signal to my brain! The feeling became reality when he said they didn't have our order and he didn't know anything about it! At this point I'd like to point out that I was just the courier, someone else had ordered the food. With no time to wait I left and as I drove off hit the phone to my trusty sidekick and number one go-to person in times of trouble, my faithful wife. She wasn't home, then her mobile went to message bank. This was not looking good. But moments later she sent a text, giving her best Lurch impression via sms, "You Rang". I called her back and asked her to find somewhere in Dunsborough that could make up lunches for 25 people as quickly as possible and ring through the order for me to pick up on my way to Yallingup.
No problem.
She rang back a few minutes later to say that Subway in Dunsborough were on the job. Good news.
When I got to Dunsborough and walked into Subway the news wasn't quite so good, they hadn't started the order yet!
Urging haste I left them to it while I went to Coles and bought fruit juice (and cups), nectarines, grapes, cookies, Doritos and salsa, hoping that along with the Subway sandwiches which were only the 6" models, that would be enough to feed the hungry horde of student councillors anxiously awaiting my arrival. $18o later and with everything stowed on board I set off to find them.
The moment I appeared in the car park they jumped up and ran to the car: I've got a feeling it was hunger motivating them and not any excitement at seeing me.
They tucked in as if they hadn't eaten in a week and expressed their thanks and gratitude numerous times.
The day was saved.
On to the games.
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