Sunday, February 04, 2007


Slept till lunchtime, my usual post Taxi driving pattern. Went down town and while there looked at an exhibition at a gallery and thought about painting techniques, checked out a garage sale which turned out to be at a house belonging to a mate of mine, Alan, a teacher, and which used to belong to local mp and shadow treasurer Troy Buswell. Bought a frame and a miniature basketball hoop. Browsed through the 2nd hand shop, bought a puzzle toy. Found some metal brackets at the Salvage shop which I needed to fix the crate and carry baskets on my bike and Carolyn's, a job I've just completed, in order to make junk mail delivery easier. Jordan has decided to quit the junk mail round but Carolyn and I decided to retain it as it's our neighbourhood and the money and exercise will both be useful. Came home, read the paper, dozed in the lounge chair, then rounded up 80% of the family and went down to the beach and had takeaways for dinner. It was what we in the taxi business call a milk run, Red Rooster for Jordan, McDonalds for Sport Boy, and fish and chips for Carolyn and I, which we ate down by the jetty, overlooking the scene of tomorrow morning's Jetty Swim, an annual event in Busselton.
Ran into Keith who in turn had run into an old mate from their days in the air force together who told a very interesting story about his conversion to Christ which included spells living at Amberley Queensland, down the road from Rosewood, a town I lived in for a couple of years as a teenager with Dad and Julie, and Sale Victoria, a place I also lived in for 6 months when Carolyn, the Heir and I went to Kilmany Park to do a 6 month course with Fusion; a hobo walking along a road who he drove back 5 miles to give $50 to; and a Gideon's Bible which despite several opportunities to do so he couldn't bring himself to throw away.

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