Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fitzy's Birthday

Valentine's Day will always carry a tinge of sadness because it is Brendan's birthday. Brendan would have turned 18 today but instead he is no longer here, killed by a suicide bomber in Bali 18 months ago. He was a good kid, in the wrong place at the wrong time. I rang Lisa his Mum tonight just to say I was thinking about her, and Brendan's sister Jessica, and wondering how they were going on what was probably a sad and difficult day. It was good to talk to her, even though there was nothing I could say or do to change anything.
I've been thinking a bit about Brendan's life and death the last week or so as the days led up to his birthday. It is an incredibly sad thing to lose a child or a teenager; it is so tragically premature when young people die.

Living in Busselton is great, it's a beautiful seaside town, quiet, peaceful, relaxing, a great place to be.
The world is messy, terrorism being just one major problem facing us.
Busselton seems so safe and removed from the mess, and yet, even here, we are not safe or immune.

It reminds me again to take the time to enjoy and value my life while I have it, I have no guarantees and no way of knowing how long my time on earth will be. Just got to make the most of every opportunity and live as faithfully as I can to the things I believe and the values I hold.

We miss you Fitzy.
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