Monday, February 12, 2007


Church was good this morning, the speaker was a 23 year old surfie who has a heart to reach muslims in Indonesia and is well on the way to establishing a surf based mission there.
After church we cruised a couple of garage sales. I bought a painting table for $20. I don
t know how practical it will be but it may get me off the kitchen bench some of the time. Sport Boy invited Jack over for the afternoon and after lunch we went round to drop the art exhibition form off to Ron, and Carolyn found a few things she wanted to buy, a cane bed head and a set of shelves. I got a box of brass door knobs and key plates, more artistic ideas to work on.

The boys loved the Billy cart and tried to convince Ron to sell it but now hes keen to put it in the exhibition hes going to finish it off, and keep it.

We took the boys down to see the Grand Final of the Beach Volleyball competition being played in Busselton this weekend as part of the state series. The level of play was superb, especially in the windy conditions. It made our 4-a-side games on Wed. nights look pretty bad!

Some kids at the beach were teasing the seagulls by throwing them chips they had put inside a coke bottle, it was very funny watching this flock of scavengers all fighting over the unattainable prize, they kept pecking at the chips and not understanding why they could see them but not reach them.

I had a headache when we got home so I snoozed in the recliner while Carolyn took the boys to Meelup for the church gathering. Once Id recovered I pottered around working on some projects, Ive taken to hanging things around the back patio, mobiles, propellers, driftwood etc. Today I tried to create a marble way out of pvc pipe which a strung together with fishing line. It sort of works but not as well as Id hoped.

I completed two paintings today, one Im undecided about, Ive changed the colours once already and I suspect Ill be doing so again because they dont match the frame very well. The second is a big one, based on another painting I did a while back which a friend likes. She was looking for something larger so I decided to oblige, and tried out using rollers instead of brushes. It worked fairly well but I need to keep practising to get a consistent application and appearance.

I was listening to England beat Australia in the cricket, a huge upset. After the absolute shellacking in the Ashes no-one forsaw this outcome. Ive been wanting some closer contests all Summer but this tested my feelings about competition V winning.

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