Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kicking Some Serious Old Lady Scrabble Butt!

I went to the local scrabble group tonight for the first time, a group of older ladies who meet once a month for a night of scrabble. I was the only bloke there but they made me very welcome and there was plenty of friendly chat and laughter.
We played three games (There were 9 people so there were 4 games going on at any one time) and I won all three of mine! Funnily enough the ladies didn't seem that bothered or interested in the scores! They were just having a good time. Mind you so was I! They had pages of 2 letter, 3 letter, 4 letter words etc, Q words without a u etc that they had downloaded off the internet! Very helpful and they were all happy to use them, consult dictionaries etc.
I scored 426 in one game, twice using all 7 letters in a word to get the 50 point bonus!
I'm home and having a very strange dialogue with The Heir; on Skype. He's talking and his voice is coming out of my computer speakers but we don't have a mic or headset yet so my side of the discussion is all typed. Makes for a weird experience but it's good to hear his voice. Considering he's been in England for over a year he hasn't lost his accent at all.
I'll get a headset soon so we can do it voice to voice. Pretty cool being able to talk across the net for "free".

I went to Bunbury this morning to see the orthopaedic surgeon who has referred me for an MRI next week to see if that shows up what the problem is.
Then Carolyn sent me on a challenging mission, to buy her a bra on special at KMart! I spent 10 minutes looking around the absolute multitude of bras, in a myriad of shapes and colours and styles and fabrics, without success! Turns out the sale doesn't start till Thursday! But the assistant manager took pity on me and allowed me to put my name down for one when they come in!

Back to Busso in time to supervise the delivery of our Commonwealth Games fish sculpture from the freight company to The Hub, a youth mentoring project in Busso that thankfully has a a large shed, big enough to accommodate a 7 metre metal fish sculpture. It needs some work to repair and refit it, paint and mount it before it goes on display in public but it was the first time I've seen it without all it's bubble wrap and I was impressed and excited, it looks good and the work on it shouldn't be too hard. I started to get pretty amped up about the project again which is good cause it's been on the back burner for a few months.

Well, The Heir has deserted me to go for a walk with his mates, it's late, I wanted to paint for a little while before I go to bed, all of which means it's time to sign off from Holt Press.


Zaac said...

hey dad, uh, just as a personal preference id prefer it if you didnt blog about mums underwear either, just dont need to know that stuff...
funny you think i have my accent, the english dont seem to notice it anymore, wasnt THAT strong to begin with, anyway...
thanks for the fax, i was especially looking for a couple of the other bits not just the certificate, the radio certificate, the reference with my overall grade on it, and anything else that talks about how i performed or my character would be awesome, i remember there being a bunch more stuff in that pack. cheers for sending those pages through tho!!
good to talk to you today too, love you guys!!

Carolyn said...

You are dead!

2Peter said...

Partly at Carolyn's expense I know, but that was a good post! Good to see you're still alive!