Thursday, February 22, 2007

Keep Looking

Another recycled canvas, creating an interesting backdrop to this "patchwork" style picture, again combining textures, shapes, patterns and colours. It's probably my most unusual piece to date. Carolyn and Sport Boy both like this one. It needs framing to complete it.
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Jacqui said...

I really like these new peices, are they going i n the exhibition.

Marcus said...

Yeah, that's the plan.
I'm trying to get as many done as I can so I've got plenty of "stock"!
We're looking at May 17-20 for the exhibition if we can find a suitable venue.
When do you leave for SA?

Jacqui said...

We leave here saturday to go to the reunion, then on to perth for John Foran's retirement service at Kelmscot on sunday walter has pain clinic on monday and I fly to SA on wednesday.