Friday, February 02, 2007

4 Squares

The production line in the Holt Press Art Studio is really cranking out the paintings at the moment! I have to discipline myself not to do more than one a night! This one took three days of prep, building up layers of silver paint for the outlines. I added the colours using a small roller, the first time I've tried this technique, and I'm pleased with it, it gives an interesting texture and even finish. Carolyn wants to keep this one, saying that it goes with our decor, but like nearly all my pictures, it is for sale! Price $350.
I'm taking long service leave in 3rd term this year so I'm hoping to raise as much money as I can in order to be able to take a trip somewhere. That's the plan anyway! I'm pleased with the way this one looks. It's on a 30" x 30" canvas.
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