Thursday, February 08, 2007

Harriet and Frank

I mentioned Harriet, a lady I met at the jetty beach on Monday evening. On Tuesday morning she arrived at our place with the news that her husband Frank was ill and had collapsed. He had managed to get himself back into bed but she was understandably worried about him and as we were the only people she knew in Busselton, she came round for a bit of support. The main concern was the lack of a mobile phone if they needed to call an ambulance or seek other assistance. They had brought a phone with them from England but it hadn't been "unlocked" and was thus unable to be used. Fortunately I had a spare mobile phone that I bought for the Yr 11 camp in December so we were able to give her a phone. I prayed for her and especially for Frank then she went back to the hotel to keep an eye on him.

This morning Harriet appeared again, this time with Frank. He had recovered significantly and was up and feeling a lot better. They were on their way to the jetty to go and look at the underwater observatory then were heading for Margaret River to stay for a couple of days.

We were both relieved to see Frank in better health. We chatted for a while, swapped addresses and emails and they asked if they could buy the phone of us so that they have a way to communicate for the remainder of their trip.

It was a chance meeting over a painting and some Chinese takeaway which had real benefits. It was good to be able to offer some hospitality and support to strangers, something God says in the Bible is important and close to his heart.

Harriet and Frank expressed a desire to meet The Heir upon their return to England in a few weeks, especially as they don't live too far away from where he is living and working.

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