Sunday, February 11, 2007


By the time I got up today (after last night's cab shift) no-one was home. I read some emails then went to get bread and the paper. An hour later Carolyn came home from her swim, with bread and the paper! Great minds...

She didn't sleep too well so went back to bed for a nap. Jordan came home from jetty jumping with his friend Michaelangelo and later asked if he could sleepover for the night. He looked harmless enough, and said he thought the paintings on the wall were cool (before he knew I'd painted them) so I said yes. Sport Boy spent the day playing at Sam's place, only reappearing at dinner time! He had a great day playing soccer and cricket, and Sam's mum told me his manners were wonderful. Sam's Dad Ali and I play footy together and they live a couple of streets away.

I gritted my teeth and decided to clean out the fridge this afternoon! It was a voyage of discovery, use-by-dates, mould and unpleasant aromas! Once completed there was room to put things and almost everything left in the fridge is edible.

I went and picked up my x-rays from the hospital. The latest diagnosis is that there are three small cracks and chipped bones in my foot but none of them equate to the type of pain and swelling I'm experiencing. A cast was seen as unnecessary, instead I was given a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon and have an appointment in Bunbury on Tuesday morning to get it checked out. Not sure if it's all good news or not, certainly I'm glad not to have my foot in plaster for the next two weeks, but if it requires surgery to fix the ligaments I smell large medical bills!
The bottom line is I really want to be able to play sport again, volleyball at the least and preferably football as well so treatment is required.

On the way home I called into a garage sale and met a really great bloke called Ron and we ended up talking for over half an hour, about his plans to move his house from the front to the back of his block, sheds, art projects, making things etc. I told him about an upcoming art exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery with the theme of Blokes and Blokeyness which is inviting submissions of art for blokes, the sorts of things made in back sheds. He showed me a billy-cart he made which started out as an office chair, it was fantastic, and I urged him to enter it in the exhibition. You know what it's like when you hit it off with someone and you talk and laugh and really enjoy their company from the first time you meet them? That's what it felt like meeting Ron. I'm going to drop the rego forms off to him tomorrow, and I'll take the camera to get a couple of pics of Ron and the Billy Cart.
He gave me some weather beaten jarrah fence posts which I'm hoping to make frames out of, as well as some round metal disks that I have an idea for. I bought a box of guages at another garage sale this morning and hope to put bits and pieces together to make another "blokey" piece of art to accompany my "This used to be a microwave" sculpture for the exhibition.

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