Monday, April 06, 2009

What was That?

The earth shook at Collie this afternoon: the reason? I played my first game of footy in the Masters Rules new season. I was a lumbering slow moving giant, completely out played and out paced at centre half back in the 1st Qtr, spent the 2nd Qtr on the bench, missed two easy goals in the 3rd Qtr playing in the forward pocket, and finally redeemed some of my tattered self-esteem by kicking a goal in the last Qtr. Just a shame about the other two shots I missed!!!!
And of course I'm paying the price for it now, hobbling around the house, stiff and sore.
The joys of football!

Sport Boy played in his first tennis tournament today and managed to win all four of the games he played, including a 7-5 victory after trailing 0-5!! He enjoyed himself.

I'm a little concerned about Mrs Holt Press, she worked tonight starting at 6 and is not home yet despite it being after midnight, most unusual for a Sunday night.

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