Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mr Rudd sent me my $900 cheque today, which is handy because I bought two tickets to see Simon and Garfunkel this morning. Favourite Daughter bought one too. We're all excited at the prospect of seeing one of the world's legendary music groups perform live. I was too young to see the Beatles; they would be number one on my list of bands to see if it were possible, alas with John and George both dead the best I can hope for is to maybe see Paul McCartney.

I've seen the Rollingstones, in Rotterdam in 1982.

I've seen Bob Dylan, around 1987 in Perth.

I saw Pink Floyd in 1987 too I think.

I haven't actually been to that many live concerts, and none for a few years, but the artists I can remember seeing live include Elton John, Billy Joel, the Eurhythmics, James Taylor, Cold Chisel, LRB, Skyhooks, Dr Hook, Jackson Browne and AC/DC.

The show I was most pleased to see was Graham Parker in the mid 90's at the Fly By Night Club in Freo, he had been my favourite artist for many years.

Of the artists I haven't seen, Simon and Garfunkel are probably number one on my wish list so this is a big occasion.

The other contender for that title is Bruce Springsteen who I was robbed of the chance of seeing in Saratoga many years ago by an act of beauracracy.

I'd like to see the Eagles, Chris Rea, and U2.

There are others no doubt but it's too late to think about them now, I've just done an 11 hour shift in the cab, finishing at 6.00am so I need to get some sleep.

Mrs Holt Press is away at Northam for the weekend.

Sport Boy stayed the night at the Cramers. He told me he really likes Mr Cramer, and that he is very wise!

I'm not impressed that the Geelong v Adelaide game is not being telecast live tonight even on Foxtel! First chance I'll have to watch it is not until 8.00 Sunday morning, not exactly an inspiring timeslot!

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