Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Happy Customer

BBQ Sauce Boy takes delivery of his commissioned painting, Green Star 6, adjusted to his requirements.
He and Sport Boy spent three good days together, much of it spent at the pool or rip-sticking.
Sal and Warren picked him up this morning, minus his wallet which he lost somewhere, possibly the cinema.

Yesterday all of us went to two of our favourite places, Goanna Gallery for lunch and Simmo's for ice cream and mini golf. Waz lead the whole game until dropping a couple of shots on the last hole allowing me to snatch victory with a birdie!

While the boys went to the pool the four of us went for a long walk on the beach, taking in the beauty and serenity of Geographe Bay in all it's glory, complete with stunning sunset. Mind you, with the end of daylight saving we finished the walk in the dark.

I was out-voted 5-1 in the choice between Eagle Boys and Dominos pizzas for dinner but am happy to say that Eagle Boys was much better than any other time I've had it, especially the steak and prawn!

Sally refused to accept my challenge of a game of scrabble when we got home but agreed to play Balderdash then insisted that I blogged that she was winning at the time we(she) stopped the game!
The scrabble board awaits Sal!!

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