Monday, April 20, 2009

Sport Boy Unwell

My self-enforced embargo on all news of last night's footy game between the Cats and the Crows was difficult but worth it as Geelong won their fourth game in a row by 48 points with Gary Ablett in brilliant form, amassing 46 disposals and 3 goals. It also happened to be his 150th game. He has well and truly moved out of his father's shadow and is considered by many good judges to be the best player in the AFL.
My viewing of the game was interrupted however with the bad news that Sport Boy was sick and required my attendance.
He was crook all day in fact, a headache, tummy ache, temperature, vomiting and feeling at different times dizzy, weird and distressed. He has finally succumbed to sleep, albeit in my bed, in the space normally reserved for Mrs Holt Press. He can stay there for the night because Mrs HP has decided to stay in Perth an extra night so she can spend some time with Favourite Daughter. I will survive in her absence....probably.
Sport Boy in turn survived the night in the care of his brother and his girlfriend while I watched Tottenham beat Newcastle Utd 1-0 at Glass Dave's place.

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