Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dead Saturday

Mrs Holt Press is not well and has spent the last three days in bed with a headache and other symptons. Therefore I did not go up to Perth today as planned for Letchy's 50th birthday party.
It was a shame to miss it but I was needed here. Happy Birthday anyway Letchy.

Sport Boy has returned to the church camp following his misadventure and late night trip to the hospital. He was injured while playing soccer and had a very sore hip and lower back but after examination at the hospital there is no major damage, just soreness. He hobbled around home this morning and by mid afternoon had regained his strength and enthusiasm to go back to the camp, though obviously he'll need to take it easy.

I cruised a few garage sales this arvo, scoring a jackpot at one, a cap covered in badges from China for a bargain $3 plus several books for 10c each including the classic Catch-22 which I will recommend that The Holt Press child formerly known as The Hair (THPCFKATH) read for both his enjoyment and education. He had a late night at Dunsborough with Zac W and co last night and is sleeping it off. He came out at one stage tonight, not awake, mumbling and asking strange questions before telling us "He's not to be killed". That's good news. Later he staggered out, sat on the couch for a couple of minutes and told me he had got a job before again retreating to the safety of his room. He used to "sleep walk/talk, do strange things" quite often, as did his older brother The Heir but has not done it for quite a while.

I swapped a few text messages with Chris V after St Kilda thumped West Coast today provoking her to call me a "smug toadie". Uncalled for I felt. Even though I tipped Carlton I was very happy to see them lose to Essendon by 4 points tonight, they were starting to get very cocky on top of the ladder.

Once Mrs HP went back to bed tonight I went round to Glass Dave's to watch the soccer and was pleased and relieved when Spurs beat West Ham 1-0. His grandson is staying with him for Easter, keeping DJ company.

By late tonight Mrs HP was feeling a little better, hopefully come the morning her health will be further improved.

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