Thursday, April 30, 2009

The New Season

The soccer season starts this weekend so logically, soccer training started this afternoon. None of this pre-season build-up, develop your fitness, work out team structures and game plan nonsense for the Cornerstone U12's, uh uh, no way! One training run, a reminder of the basic skills, "let's start with kicking the ball kids..." and a 10 minute scratch match, that ought to do it!
We'll see come Saturday!
In an act of divine benevolence the taxi Co. rang today to say I'm rostered for Saturday night instead of Friday this week! No struggling out of bed at 8.30 for a 9.00 kick-off after 2 hours sleep this week!
We've lost four players from last season, and gained four new ones: untried and unseen, straight off the rookie list, no draft picks, no testing, no video scrutiny, just four new kids to somehow assimilate into our finely tuned game plan and attacking style!
Good luck kids!
Sport Boy wanted to discuss possible team line-ups when we got home but I was too tired and proceeded to fall asleep in front of the TV. As a result I missed Mrs Holt Press' phone call to tell me she has arrived safely and all is going well in Adelaide. Sport Boy passed on the important details when I woke up an hour later.

The volleyball season also starts tomorrow night and I'm again playing for Six Pack. I expect I'll be a little rusty but it will be good to get back into some activity and competition.

There's BIG NEWS in Favourite Daughter World; she has been offered a job as a teacher's aide to an autistic student at a school in Hall's Creek where one of her friends teaches and she has accepted the position. We booked her flight to Kununurra last night! She leaves on May 9!
All very new and exciting, a big adventure.

In other travel news Walter has returned home to Bridgetown after his trip to visit family in South Australia and Mum is having a wonderful time staying in a village in the south of France with Auntie Ev and Uncle Ken.

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