Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Table Turning

We turned the tables on the kids at Phat Phriday the week before last, literally.
One of the challenges was to see if they could traverse the table( ie. start on top and go all the way round underneath and back to the top) without falling off or touching the ground. Lots of them tried, only two succeeded.

Unfortunately the game was disrupted by some touble-making older students throwing food and when I asked the culprit to pick it up he shoved a piece of it in m face! I was stunned at his audacity and brazen disrespect. Resisting the urge to flatten him I told him not to touch me. To my even greater astonishment he then proceeded to reach up and touch my face twice and my chest once, taunting me as he did!! This in full view of a quadrangle full of kids!
I called a teacher over to intervene but by this stage the kid was beyond control and told him to go away in more graphic language.

The result of the incident was him being suspended for 10 days and a great deal of concern and support expressed towards me from the staff and students.

Now comes the time for him to return to school. I have arranged to visit him at home this week as a gesture of goodwill and an attempt to resolve the situation. I had never met the kid before and bear him no ill will, I'm just hoping that he will accept some responsibility for his actions and make an effort to make amends.
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The HoJo's said...

Good grief! and there I was hoping the title meant it was scrabble time again and you had won! I hope you are practising for that too?